2017 Project 52- Week 2

January 9 – 15

Week 2 is finally done…a little late.  Not too late though.  But I really want to keep up with this album and try to complete each layout for the week on Sunday.  I don’t know why I waited to do this layout though because I had lots of cute photos to use for the week.

It was so cold we barely got out of the house, mainly just to go to work.  The hubs was away on business for most of the week and that left me and the little pug girls on our own.  So it was a rather quiet week.  Mostly spent indoors, cuddling, knitting and watching movies.  Of course Lola & Zoey didn’t mind.  They hate being out in the cold and love it when we spend time cuddled up together.  In fact they seemed to be extra cute that week.

I didn’t get to see my sweet girl but my daughter sent me a couple of photos of her in the little Alice & Ames dress I got her for Christmas.  She loves the dress as you can tell from that smile.  I’m missing her hugs and can’t wait until the thaw and I can get out and see her.

I created this (2 page) layout using the Project Life App.  I used Design A and cards from the Project 52 Fresh Edition and Currently Edition.  I also added a few overlays to my photos using the Desktop Edition Photo Overlays and Project 52 Fresh Photo Overlays as well as a little word play in the Rhonna App.


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