2017 Project 52 – Week 1

This year I decided I would create an album using the Project 52 cards from Project Life.  The basic concept is you create a layout each week chronicling the things that happened that week – big or small.  This is a little different for me.  My scrapbooks have mostly centered around big events like birthdays or vacations.  The bigger moments in life.  With a few everyday things thrown in.

But I like the idea of looking back at the photos I took during the week and then creating one layout (2 page spread) about that week.  It almost feels like journaling to me.  I’ve never kept a journal but I always liked the idea of it.


This is my layout for Week 1 of 2017:

I have to admit this layout was hard for me.  I went over it several times wondering if these were the photos I really wanted to include and is this really what I want to say.  It just seemed so mundane and I wondered if this is what future generations will really want to see.  And in the end it came down to this is what I would want to see.

We always record the special events in our lives but rarely document the everyday.  And I realized that is what I’m trying to do with this this album.  Record our life, one week at a time.  The small little things as well as the big ones.

So yes…I’m pretty happy with this layout.  It may not be exciting to anyone else but to me these photos are reminders of the little joys in my life.  And I think that’s worth documenting.

I still need to create the title page for my album but I’ll get to that another time and save it for another blog post.  For now…I’m pretty happy with this.


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